PAT (Electrical Equipment) Testing
PAT (Electrical Equipment) Testing

PAT (Electrical Equipment) Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), also known as a PAT inspection or electrical equipment testing, is the easiest way of ensuring that all your electrical equipment is safe to use.

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 makes it your responsibility to make sure all of your electrical equipment is safe and compliant. If not, you could be putting yourself, your employees, your office and ultimately your business at risk.

We’ve been providing PAT testing at Hawkesworth since 1993, providing nationwide electrical equipment testing services across the UK and Ireland.

Our network of experienced PAT testers carries out over seven million electrical equipment tests every year, keeping businesses across a wide range of industries compliant and safe.

PAT testing all across the UK

We have over 150 skilled and experienced testing engineers operating across the UK, as well as Ireland and the Channel Islands.

This means no matter where you are, we have a locally-based engineer who can make sure your commercial or rental property stays compliant.

If you have multiple sites located all across the UK, our engineers will provide a cost-effective, efficient, and consistent service, with one account manager to handle all your reporting.

Why choose Hawkesworth for your PAT testing requirements?

  • Competitive pricing: We are one of the most cost-effective PAT testing companies in the UK, with prices that can’t be beat
  • We are available 24 hours a day: We can PAT test your electrical appliances out of hours and at weekends for no extra cost
  • We go above and beyond the minimal requirements: Not only will you receive a certificate of compliance, but we will provide a detailed PAT report with photos, so you know which appliances passed and failed, alongside our distinctive barcoded labels
  • We provide the same exceptional service, no matter the size of your business: We have experience of supplying PAT testing to nationwide multi-site companies, through to the smallest sole traders
  • We offer a free reminder service: Don’t worry about forgetting to get your electrical equipment tested as we provide a courtesy reminder service
  • We’re a one-stop-shop for your businesses safety requirements: As well as PAT testing, we provide a range of electrical compliance services
  • We provide expert advice, any time you need it: We keep all of our customers up to date with the latest industry developments, so you are fully informed at all times
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