Electric blanket safety

Many people use electric blankets in the cold winter months to keep warm and save on their heating bills. However, many electric blankets, especially older ones, are potentially dangerous.

Your guide to commercial PAT testing

PAT testing for commercial premises like offices & factories can be an excellent way to ensure compliance. Here’s our guide to everything commercial PAT testing

What is a PAT testing certificate?

If you’re wondering if you need a PAT testing certificate, or what you can do with your PAT testing certificate, we’ve put together this guide to help. There is also an example of what a PAT testing certificate could look like.

PAT testing explained

PAT testing (often referred to as electrical equipment testing) is when electrical appliances are tested for safety. PAT testing can be a visual check, electronic test, or both. We’ve put together this resource guide to explain more about what PAT testing is and how you can use it to keep your commercial or residential property safe.

Do I need to PAT test new equipment?

You’ve just got a shiny piece of new electrical equipment for your office or rental property. The question is… where do you stand on PAT testing new appliances? Here is our guide to PAT testing new equipment and the rules you need to know.