EICR codes explained

After an EICR inspection takes place in your rental or commercial property, you will receive a copy of the EICR report.  There are four EICR codes you need to be aware of, and this article will explain what these EICR observation codes mean.

Your guide to commercial EICR

When you are responsible for a commercial building like a shop, office, or warehouse, you need to ensure the electrical installation and circuits stay safe. An electrical installation condition report (or EICR) can be the best way to do this.

Landlords and EICR testing – EIC vs EICR

Join us as we look at the difference between the Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) and Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), and how this affects the changes in legislation for landlords.

All you need to know about EICR

If you are responsible for a building, you may have heard the word ‘EICR’ mentioned. Find out more about what EICR is, and how it can keep you safe.

A guide to EICR for landlords

If you own a property or HMO, there are laws in place to ensure the safety of your tenants. Find out more about EICR regulations & how you can stay compliant.