EICRs in Scotland – what you need to know

EICRs in Scotland – what you need to know

The rules for EICRs in Scotland are slightly different than in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Here’s what you need to know if you have a commercial or residential property in Scotland that needs EICR testing.

EICRs for commercial properties in Scotland

An EICR for a commercial property like an office, shop, school or factory does not have to be carried out by law.

This means it’s not mandatory to carry one out if your commercial building is in Scotland, but it can be the best way of keeping your building safe.

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EICRs for residential properties in Scotland

Long-term rental properties must have an ‘electrical safety’ inspection every five years, which includes PAT testing and EICR.

This means that EICRs are a mandatory requirement for residential properties in Scotland.

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EICRs for short-term rentals in Scotland

Short-term rentals like holiday homes and Airbnbs currently don’t need EICRs in Scotland. However, the law is changing.

From 2023, short-term rentals will be held to the same standards as long-term rentals and will need five-yearly EICR and PAT tests.

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How often do I need to have an EICR test in Scotland?

It depends on the type of property you have.

Residential properties in Scotland must have EICRs carried out every five years, alongside PAT testing.

From 2023, all existing short-term let owners in Scotland will have to have EICRs carried out every five years, alongside PAT testing.

The recommended frequency varies for commercial buildings. It’s recommended that offices and schools have EICR tests every five years, while factories have tests every three years.

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