EICR and PAT – how can they be used together?

EICR and PAT – how can they be used together?

What is the difference between EICR and PAT, and how can you use them together to keep your property safe? We’ll look at the differences and similarities in this article.

Whether you’re the duty holder for a business, an office manager, or a landlord with a portfolio of properties, electrical safety is critical.

You may have heard of tests that need to be carried out, like PAT testing and Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR).

What are these tests? How do they differ? Do you need to carry out both types of tests to ensure safety?

What is the difference between EICR and PAT?

EICR and PAT test two different elements of a building.

PAT testing checks the electrical equipment in a property to make sure it is safe. By ‘electrical equipment,’ we mean anything that needs to be plugged into a power source, like computer monitors, microwaves and vacuum cleaners.

EICR checks the electrical installation in a property. By ‘electrical installation,’ we mean all the fixed electrical equipment supplied through a building’s electricity meter like the fuse box, sockets and light switches.

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EICR or PAT – which is right for my property?

To ensure safety, it’s recommended that you get both EICR and PAT carried out.

Think of PAT and EICR as two halves of the same whole. PAT makes sure the electrical appliances you use are at low risk of electrical shock and fire, while EICR ensures the electrical installation you plug your appliances into is safe.

Is an EICR and PAT certificate mandatory?

EICR and PAT are not necessarily mandatory requirements. It depends on the type of building and where in the country it is.

PAT and EICR testing aren’t a legal requirement for commercial buildings; however they may be for rental properties. The frequency an EICR is recommended depends on the type of building.

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Even if an EICR and PAT certificate aren’t a legal requirement, it’s important to remember that it is your responsibility to keep people safe. EICR and PAT testing are often the best way to do this.

EICR and PAT – let Hawkesworth keep you compliant

Many electrical compliance companies provide PAT testing but not EICR. This means if you want EICR and PAT for your building, you need to use two different companies.

At Hawkesworth, we offer both PAT testing and EICR, saving you time and giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Our network of engineers is available across the UK, meaning no matter where you are, we’ll keep you protected.

We’re the UKs Number 1  trusted voice of experience in the industry, who are regularly consulted to give our expert opinions with industry governing bodies.

Through our national network of fully certified engineers, Hawkesworth provide a range of technical compliance and testing services to ensure you’re not at risk – we’ve got you covered!

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