Emergency lighting requirements for UK schools

Emergency lighting requirements in UK schools

Emergency lighting is a central part of any public building infrastructure, not just for the obvious reason to assist those inside to evacuate when an emergency arises, but also to aid firefighters to navigate the building and extinguish any fires more quickly.

Your guide to thermal imaging

Did you know you can use an infrared camera to check the condition of your electrical installations? This guide will tell you about electrical thermal imaging and how to use it to keep your commercial building safe.

How often should fire risk assessments be reviewed?

When you have a fire risk assessment in place, it’s important to review it regularly. Circumstances can change, meaning that the fire risk assessment you have for your building may no longer be fit for purpose.

Electric heater safety: 7 top tips

Although electric heaters can be great for heating a room quickly, they can be dangerous if misused. Here are our tips for ensuring you stay warm and safe.

What is electrical equipment testing?

Electrical equipment testing ensures your electrical equipment works properly. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about electrical equipment testing and inspection.

What are the PAT testing regulations?

Not sure what you need to do to keep your electrical equipment compliant & safe? Here’s what you need to know about PAT testing regulations in the UK.

Do I need a fire risk assessment?

When do you need a fire risk assessment for a building? This article will help you understand when a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement.

Electric blanket safety

Many people use electric blankets in the cold winter months to keep warm and save on their heating bills. However, many electric blankets, especially older ones, are potentially dangerous.