5 year electrical testing: what is it?

5 year electrical testing: what is it?

A 5 year electrical test is a way of ensuring the electrical installation in your home or commercial building is safe.

Find out more about what a 5 year electrical test involves and how Hawkesworth can help keep you protected.

What is 5 year electrical testing?

5 year electrical testing is when the electrical installation in a property is tested to make sure it is safe.

Nearly one in five domestic fires in England are caused by faulty cabling and wiring. By getting your electrical installation tested regularly, you can reduce the risk of fire.

This type of testing is sometimes called EICR (electrical installation condition reporting), fixed wire testing, and hard wire testing.

Is a 5 year electrical test a legal requirement?

It depends on the building the test is intended for.

A 5 year electrical inspection for a commercial building (such as a school, office or factory) does not have to be carried out by law. However, it is a good way of ensuring your property is safe.

A 5 year electrical inspection is a legal requirement for rental properties across England, Scotland, and Wales.

So the answer to the question: ‘Is a 5 year electrical test a legal requirement’? No for commercial properties, but highly likely for rental properties, depending on where you are in the UK.

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Why is it 5 year electrical testing?

Electrical testing intervals vary depending on the type of building. They typically need to be carried out between every one and every ten years.

However, it is recommended that most buildings be checked every five years.

Rental properties must be tested every five years. It is recommended that commercial buildings like schools, offices, and shops be checked every five years.

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What is checked during a 5 year electrical inspection?

During an inspection, the electrical installation in the property is tested. By electrical installation, we mean all the fixed electrical equipment supplied through the electricity meter.

This equipment includes the consumer unit (also known as the fuse box or distribution board), cabling, sockets, switches, and light fittings.

What isn’t checked during a 5 year electrical inspection?

Electrical equipment and appliances like laptops, televisions, and kettles aren’t tested during a 5 year electrical test.

If you want to get these pieces of electrical equipment tested, PAT testing is the best way to do this.

What does a 5 year electrical certificate contain?

After the testing, you will be provided with an electrical certificate which will contain:

  • Details of the property and who the checks were carried out by
  • Any limitations – circuits that the electrician couldn’t test
  • Whether the checks were unsatisfactory or satisfactory. If the checks were unsatisfactory, the certificate will detail what issues were identified

Keep your electrical certificate safe – you may be asked to produce it as evidence that 5 year electrical testing has taken place.

How much does a 5 year electrical test cost?

It depends on the number of circuits the property has.

If you’re not sure how many circuits need testing, your 5 year electrical testing provider of choice will be able to provide a quote if you send over a copy of your last test or a photo of your distribution board.

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