Thermal testing

Thermographic Survey

A thermographic survey (sometimes referred to as a thermography survey or thermal imaging) uses a powerful infrared camera to identify potential dangers in electric components.

Electrical parts that are damaged or have loose connections will give off heat which the camera will be able to pick up.

A thermographic survey is a great option for places like schools, hospitals, and prisons as you do not have to switch off your systems or isolate the power while the test is taking place.

We carry out a full thermographic survey to identify potential dangers, providing a comprehensive report and recommendations so you’re not left worrying about what to do next.

Thermographic surveying all across the UK

We have a network of skilled and experienced thermographic surveying specialists across the UK, as well as Ireland and the Channel Islands.

This means no matter where you are, we can provide a knowledgeable person that can efficiently interpret the results of your thermographic survey, and make the appropriate recommendations.

A thermographic survey is when an Infrared (IR) camera is used to take photos. Infrared cameras identify heat. The more heat that comes off an object or a person, the brighter the colours appear. Thermography surveys can be used to solve a range of different issues. For example, IR cameras can be used to see where homes and buildings are losing energy through gaps in the walls or floors. It can also be used to identify electrical faults.

Thermographic surveys can identify faulty electrical installations before they stop working, saving time and money. Issues thermographic surveys can detect include:

  • Overheating cables or motors
  • Loose, worn and corroded connections
  • Damage and wear to electrical insulation
  • Overloaded fuses and blown fuses (blown fuses will be cooler than usual and show up blue)
  • Damp and mould

Thermographic surveys are commonly used in places where turning off the power to test equipment will pose a health and safety risk or cause disruption. For example, hospitals, universities, laboratories, and prisons.

No – electrical thermographic surveys aren’t a legal requirement. While they aren’t legally required, they’re still a great way to keep your building safe.

Yes! Thermographic surveys are often used alongside EICR (fixed wire testing) to thoroughly test buildings. If an electrical installation cannot be turned off (for example, a circuit board in a factory), a thermographic survey can be used to test it without shutting the power down.

t depends on how much time needs to be spent on-site and how many different images need to be surveyed.Consider how much downtime may cost your business, and a thermography survey may work out to be a very cost-effective investment.

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  • We are fully experienced and accredited: We are an NICEIC approved contractor as well as a registered member of the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), ensuring that all we do is in line with the highest of standards. All our surveyors are accredited to City & Guilds.

  • We go above and beyond the minimal requirements: We provide a detailed report with photos so you can see what has passed the thermographic survey and what has failed.

  • We provide the same exceptional service, no matter the size of your business: We have experience of supplying thermographic surveys to multi-site companies, through to the smallest sole traders.

  • We offer a free reminder service: Don’t worry about forgetting to get your electrical equipment tested as we provide a courtesy reminder service.

  • We’re a one-stop-shop for your businesses safety requirements: As well as thermographic surveys; we provide a range of electrical compliance services.

  • We provide expert advice, any time you need it: We keep all of our customers up to date with the latest industry developments, so you have complete peace of mind.

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