PAT testing and EICR reporting in Ripon

PAT testing and EICR reporting in Ripon

If you require PAT testing or EICR reporting in Ripon, Hawkesworth will keep you safe and compliant.

We’re based in nearby Thirsk, meaning that we’re perfectly placed to offer PAT testing and EICR inspections to your residential or commercial property in Ripon.

Have properties across the UK? Not a problem – we have a network of engineers across the UK, as well as experience of working with multi-site businesses.

What services does Hawkesworth provide in Ripon?

We’re well-known for PAT testing and EICR reporting in Ripon, but we offer a wide range of other services too.

  • Emergency lighting testing. If you need emergency light testing in Ripon, our skilled team of engineers will make sure the lights in your commercial or residential building are working as they should
  • Fire risk assessments. We specialise in fire risk assessments in Ripon and will conduct a thorough assessment that will help keep you safe
  • Fire alarm testing. Looking for fire alarm testing in Ripon? Our engineers will thoroughly test the fire alarm in your building, keeping you safe and legally compliant
  • Thermographic testing. Thermographic testing can be used alongside an EICR inspection to test an electrical installation that must keep running at all times. If you want electrical thermographic testing in Ripon, we’re here to help
  • EV charging point installation for residential and commercial properties. We install EV charging points for a wide range of businesses and are perfectly placed to install charging points at your Ripon-based building

Why choose Hawkesworth for PAT testing and EICR in Ripon?

  • We offer competitive rates for all our services, helping you keep to budget
  • Our engineers are available outside of regular office hours, often at no extra charge. This means that you can have testing carried out at a time convenient to your and your staff
  • Whether you have an office, retail outlet, school or manufacturing facility that needs testing – we will provide a customised service that is specific to your requirements
  • We provided scannable labels and photos of defective equipment to help you keep track of your assets
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Through our national network of fully certified engineers, Hawkesworth provide a range of technical compliance and testing services to ensure you’re not at risk – we’ve got you covered!

From your Electrical Installation and Portable Appliances with EICRPAT and Thermographic surveys to Fire Safety with Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Alarm Testing and Emergency Lighting.

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